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Condemnation / Eminent Domain

Saul Fenchel heads this practice area. He has over 30 years of experience in representing and advising clients in New York Eminent Domain and Condemnation Law matters which involve takings by the government through the power of eminent domain.

These government takings can be partial or total; permanent or temporary. These takings give rise to damages for which the property owner is entitled to an award of "just compensation". In many cases, the award achieved will be substantially above the amounts initially offered by the government.

The government's exercise of the power of New York Eminent Domain or condemnation to take some or all of a person's property will affect many property owners since the government is engaged in a wide range of public projects involving road widenings, construction and expansion of public facilities, such as schools and parks, as well as economic development projects.

Saul Fenchel's clients have included owners of diverse properties, including shopping centers, banks, office buildings, retail and industrial facilities, residences and vacant land. He has also represented and advised various municipalities and special districts in their proposed takings.

Saul Fenchel has also conducted CLE seminars on New York Eminent Domain Condemnation. He has written extensively on various eminent domain condemnation law subjects

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Saul Fenchel

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