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Saul Fenchel heads this practice area, providing exceptional leadership and obtaining the best outcome for each client. His 40 years of experience have honed his skill in vigorously representing clients in New York Eminent Domain and Condemnation matters involving shopping centers, banks, office buildings, retail and industrial facilities, residences and vacant land. He has also represented and advised various municipalities and special districts.

A condemnation affects the owners as well as tenants and any person with an interest in the property.  Once you become aware that your property or part of your property may be the subject of a condemnation, it is essential to have experienced, vetted counsel to represent and guide you.  You have a right to seek just compensation for the taking of your property, including fixtures.

You will find answers to many of your questions on our FAQ Page. However, for more detailed information about your rights and how to proceed to assure that you receive the full, just compensation to which you are entitled, contact our team today.