Corporate Disputes/Litigation

Business disputes have the potential to destroy even the most successful of enterprises. In such situations, your choice of legal representation is critical.

We have spent years protecting the rights of shareholders, partners, members of limited liability companies and joint venturers when disagreements threaten to tear apart the fabric of otherwise successful business. Our experienced attorneys recognize that in such situations, time is critical, and every effort must be made to ensure the survival of the enterprise and the protection of the interests of those involved.

Before problems arise, we carefully design, craft and negotiate agreements between shareholders, members and partners to protect the interests of those involved in the business and to clearly and completely define their rights and remedies in the event that future conflicts should arise.
In those situations where disagreements between business associates have reached a breaking point, our corporate litigation attorneys have extensive experience in handling all aspects of your dispute, including:

  • Meditation & Conciliation
  • Usurpation of Corporate Opportunity
  • Arbitration
  • Noncompete Agreements
  • Derivative Actions
  • Corporate Buyouts
  • Actions for Dissolution
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Actions for Oppression, Waste & Diversion of Assets
  • Corporate Governance

To maximize the protections you and your business deserve, contact us today to discuss all your business needs.