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The need for representation by experienced and knowledgeable advocates has become essential.  Whether in the representation of individual property owners, commercial developers, financial institutions, or municipalities, Berkman Henoch’s attorneys are experienced in all phases of industrial, commercial and residential development.  Our attorneys regularly appear before towns and villages on Long Island, as well as municipal planning and zoning boards on behalf of our private and commercial clients and our knowledge and experience in dealing with the complicated issues of land use and development is such that several of our attorneys serve as legal counsel on behalf of zoning boards of appeal and numerous villages, towns and counties.

With extensive experience in land use and planning, zoning changes, special use applications, area and use variances, non-conforming uses and environmental review, the firm seeks to guide our clients through these processes, working closely with our clients, and their engineers and architects, in order to help achieve the desired outcome in an expeditious matter. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients on projects located on Long Island and beyond in every aspect of the process, including applications for zone change, special use permit, subdivisions variances, and negotiation with opposition groups and civic associations.

In those instances when it becomes necessary to enforce our clients’ rights, our litigation practice group has unparalleled experience in land use litigation including, CPLR Article 78 proceedings, declaratory judgment actions, injunction applications and actions for damages in both state and federal courts.