Legislation Threatens Foreclosures


17 September, 2021


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The New York Law Journal published an article under the section “Expert Opinion” entitled “Passed Bill Threatens Home Loan Foreclosures” on July 14, 2021 written by Bruce J. Bergman who heads the commercial foreclosure department at Berkman Henoch.  Author of the four volume treatise Bergman On New York Mortgage Foreclosures, LexisNexis Matthew Bender (rev. 2021), Mr. Bergman’s article explores new and drastic provisions of a statute which will seriously impede the ability to foreclose a home loan.  Whether the message in this article was adopted by the Governor’s office based upon the principles recited or not, the Governor’s subsequent signature on the bill called for remedial action along the lines explored by Mr. Bergman.


Passed Bill Threatens Home Loan Foreclosures.NYLJ.07.14.21 At 3 Col. 1