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Whether your legal matter includes business disputes or organizational matters, the attorneys at Berkman Henoch possess the unique skills and breadth of knowledge to maximize your full business potential. We deliver experienced  legal and transactional counseling to privately-held companies, public corporations, startups and entrepreneurs. With regards to corporate disputes, we offer renowned support in shareholder disputes (derivative and corporate dissolution, business torts, negotiation and enforceability of non-compete agreements, employment agreements, and confidentiality agreements). We tailor our strategy to your business objectives, ensuring that our representation will be most effective for your long-term goals in our practice areas of

  • Acquisition, Sale & Leasing of Business Properties
  • Business organization and operation
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Corporate & Commercial Litigation
  • Not-for-Profit & Tax Exempt Organizations

We understand that your time is money and work diligently toward supporting your in-house strategy.

Your Business is Our Business

Whether you run a 500-person company or manage a startup from a remote location, your legal matters are our paramount concern. We dedicate our decades of experience to helping you meet your objectives and resolving legal concerns. Berkman Henoch attorneys possess superior knowledge of New York State business matters and are ready to use our extensive understanding and experience to resolve any problematic issues.

ATTORNEYS PRACTICING IN Corporate & Small Businesses