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Berkman Henoch’s business succession planning attorneys assist small businesses, closely held corporations, individuals and families in instituting a strategy to safeguard the continuation of their business.

Succession planning is an essential measure to secure the future of your business and its continued growth. Our attorneys will devise and implement a succession plan to safeguard and reallocate assets before an unforeseen event arises that may require an immediate reaction to complicated tax, legal, and business problems.

We review important business documents, including operating agreements, corporate books, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, and owners’ estate plans, to look for necessary changes. Our attorneys may reorganize equity, update wills and trusts and review current insurance policies.

We are aware that the goals and concerns of each business owner are unique. Our attorneys craft plans that provide our clients with peace of mind and the knowledge that their businesses are prepared for whatever eventualities they may face.  

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