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The tax attorneys at Berkman Henoch provide vigorous representation for clients in all types of IRS and New York State civil and criminal matters including audits, IRS appeals, fraud, evasion, state conciliation conferences, United States Tax Court and New York Division of Tax Appeals.  We also secure rulings from the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of clients. Our attorneys negotiate and settle tax liabilities, prepare offers in compromise, innocent spouse claims and installment agreements.  In addition, we represent clients in matters involving sales tax, Federal and State Labor Departments and related government agencies.

If you are experiencing tax problems, it is essential to take action early. Many people dread having to deal with their tax problems. As a result, they may make costly mistakes that increase their tax liability and can lead to criminal prosecution.  

Our tax attorneys have over 90 years of combined experience in representing clients in tax matters.  We look forward to assisting you when issues arise and always provide no charge consultations.

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