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Commercial foreclosures present significantly greater  challenges than do residential actions. Personally directed by Bruce J Bergman, author of the definitive text on the subject, Bergman On New York Mortgage Foreclosures, and widely considered the state’s leading authority on mortgage foreclosures, Berkman Henoch has decades of specific experience necessary to confront the complex issues often found in this litigation type.  

Among the aspects requiring special proficiency are: appointing and addressing relations with receivers to preserve the security premises and collect the income; encountering and litigating extensive and sophisticated defenses; and addressing and drafting complex settlements and workouts. In addition to these intricacies, the sums secured by commercial mortgages are typically larger, causing the passage of time to create greater debt through accrual of interest. This, in turn, requires unusual dedication to assure the most prompt attention to the phases of each action. 

ATTORNEYS PRACTICING IN Commercial Foreclosure