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Landlord/Tenant Law is complex to even the most experienced property owners and managers. Our attorneys’ extensive experience litigating residential and commercial landlord disputes in the trial and appellate courts prevents undue delay and expense for our landlord clients and ensures that our tenant clients receive the protection they are entitled to under the law.  We routinely litigate summary nonpayment and holdover proceedings, complex lease disputes, Yellowstone injunction applications and mechanic’s lien foreclosure actions.  We also represent assisted living facilities in proceedings under Social Services Law section 461-h.

We work with our clients, creating an aggressive litigation plan to expeditiously recover the monies due in the non-payment proceedings (or recover possession) and timely recover possession in the holdover proceeding.  We have extensive experience in interpreting lease provisions, years of courtroom experience and the ability to counsel clients on the strategic and economic decisions of when to litigate and when to settle.

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