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Our Residential Real Estate department provides unparalleled representation to individual homeowners, builders, and developers in connection with the purchase and sale of residential real estate. Whether you are a real estate developer seeking legal representation in connection with a large residential development, or an individual selling or buying a home, our firm provides efficient, cost-effective, experienced guidance and counsel.

Our attorneys are experts at managing issues that may arise in transactions involving home inspections, title insurance, property taxes, easements, construction or remodeling agreements, zoning violation issues, past or present environmental hazards, covenants and restrictions, title defects, mortgage issues, and more. We will keep you apprised of your rights and help to resolve disputes.

As a residential home buyer or seller, your transaction may be one of the most significant of your life, so a smooth and well-handled process is essential. We invite you to schedule a call with our experienced legal team.

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